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We help YOU master the art of selling
Why ProfIT
ProfIT offers a truly outstanding combination of unique expertise gained at top international Pharmaceutical companies, IT outsourcing companies, and the #1 mobile product for women's health in the world in a smooth blend with very bold managerial and coaching experience from one of the best business owners coach!

We share best practices polished by the best B2B sales performers at top companies in the digital space in the USA and Europe. With ProfIT, you access a well-structured sequence of sessions that allows you to develop new competencies very quickly.
Extensive course - 32 hours
15 years of extensive work in 8 days delivered by coaches with a unique experience. We would learn everything from mindset to closing. No vague theories, just a hard rock fueled with experience! Not only our experience but also insights from top notch industry leaders
A smooth combination of theory and practice
Eight days, Eight practical cases, and tasks from recognized top-notch managers and coaches. We share practical examples how top US salespeople achieve their quotas.

A well-structured process
Face-to-face coaching offering everything from A to Z, using polished processes and a time-tested approach. Step by step, we help you develop the mindset and skill set of a successful salesperson and equip you with tools that work!
Online support and mentoring
Fueled by online support and mentoring throughout the course, you will be part of the ProfIT club!
Outside-the-box Approach
We help you build a foundation for successful sales skills development using best practices and proven methodology. Have you ever been a part of a real sales process involving top US sales mangers from world-renowned companies making cold calls and pitching their products? With ProfIT you will!
We use recordings as a powerful tool for self-assesment and improvement.
Let's get the party started
Hitting your numbers is just the beginning. With ProfIT, you gain insights both from IT outsourcing and IT product-selling approaches. We are trusted by business owners and top managers, as well as salespeople and those who want to become IT sales executives.
Business owners
Learn how to become more than just a boss, using the Bridgewater and Netflix approach.
Become a leader, who has you to see what you don't see, so you could be someone you always know you want to be©
Sales People
Gain new insights and knowledge from industry experts and top US sales performers. Learn market best practices and acquire world-class sales skills. We share the experience of industry leaders in IT outsourcing combined with insights from Calm, Flo, Wight Watchers, Omada, and many others.
Top managers
Become even more effective. Polish your skills. Learn how to build an effective sales team using insights from sales experts with international experience. Learn how to build effective international sales teams from your armchair!
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Training program
We use a step-by-step approach to help you gain insights and develop skills throughout the learning process.
Part 1 - Mindset and Principles - are essentially recipies for success
A mindset is a foundation upon which the values needed to become successful in sales are built. With ProfIT, you will learn about the meritocracy of ideas approach.

You will discover the principles that are critical for building a constructive mindset, effective communication, and sustainable processes. You will find out how these principles can help you cope successfully with the realities you face.

Principles are one of the important ingredients on which success is based.©
Part 2 - Your call is important to US!
With ProfIT, you'll learn how to prepare for a call and how selling new technology differs from a typical customer call in other industries.

You'll analyze the process of the call and observe model behavior on the call to help you make your sales calls as effective as possible. You'll explore how stress relief techniques can improve call quality and techniques and methodologies for diagnosing problems.

You'll find out the tools you should be used for making calls. With ProfIT, you'll also be given useful tips on how to structure conversations. You'll understand why pre-call planning is essential and why timing is important for a productive discussion. You'll explore the Listen, Grasp, Fit-in model.

- Preparing to Call
- How to prepare for IT sales call?
- Calling process
- Listen - Grasp - fit in
- Tension regulation techniques
- Ability to listen and hear
- Diagnosing the problem
- Small talk
- Timing
Part 3 - CommYOUnication
You will learn what lies at the heart of productive dialog and why effective communication is so important.

With ProfIT, you will analyze the process of thinking and how to make it more conscious. You will explore how your emotional and rational responses are formed. You will recognize the free flow of relevant information as a basis for building an effective discussion.

You will understand the art of productive disagreement and "framing", and establish a few strategies to make your communication even more effective.

- The Path to Action model
- The "AMP" model
- Algorithm "STATE"
- The art of productive disagreement
Part 4 - From RFP to Sales Pitch
Is it always worth competing? What are the differences between the four main competitive strategies? With ProfIT, you'll learn why you need to know about competitive advantages and re-engineering proposals. You'll learn how to deal with active and latent opportunities.

- Main roles
- RFP reengineering tactics
-How to present brilliantly.
- Presentation skills
- Fundamental rules
- Opening
- Special cases
- Algorithm for working with objections
- Presentations for C-level
Day 5 - IT sales - 64% Dilemma
What is "solution selling"? With ProfIT, you will explore in-depth the main types of selling in IT. The 64% dilemma. Services vs. software vs. hardware. The solution selling principles. The three levels of buyers' needs, and IT sales processes.

You will cover how sales processes in the IT industry are built and identify the main elements and roles. You'll also learn what the other side of selling looks like by exploring the buying process.

- Buying process
- Types of IT sales
- 5 levels of IT sellers
- Services vs. hardware or software
- Principles of selling technical solutions
- 3 levels of customer need
- Selling process
- The purchase process
Day 6 - Closing - how to guide
With ProfIT, you'll learn closing techniques and solution selling negotiating principles. You'll cover the main reasons why salespeople can't close deals. You'll find out what are the main closing rules are and explore examples from recognized sales professionals.
Day 7 - Leads generation - disrupting prejudices!
What is a lead generation and what are its stages? With ProfIT, you'll explore best practices in the leads generation process (both inbound and outbound) and develop your lead generation strategy.

You'll learn about best practice examples from top US industry experts, including those for emails, LinkedIn, and cold calling. You'll find out about basic lead generation channels and strategies and you'll understand the basic tools needed to search for leads.

You'll discover what a good LinkedIn page should look like and identify best practices of connecting leads in LinkedIn. You'll understand why a streamlined and controlled process is the basis of effective sales. You'll see practical, audio, and video examples from native US sales experts. -

- Lead generation process
- Inbound lead generation
- Outbound lead generation
- Lead generation channels
- Instruments
- Your LinkedIn Page
- Connect process
- Project management (Gantt charts, funnels)
- "Good" email practices
Day 8 - Sales Steam Team - "how to" guide
With ProfIT, you will learn from our experience on how to build an international sales team from scratch. You'll cover typical team roles, and how to onboard your team properly. You'll explore sales tools, sales performance metrics, and 360 degree assessment.

ProfIT - is a team of mentors whose goal is to improve your sales and management skills and coach how to use them wisely. In our opinion, Education is something you can't finish and we feel empowered having an opportunity to share our experience with those who strive to reach the stars!
Arvid Vismont
- CBDO at Flo Health
- MD, PhD, MBA
- 10+ years of sales and marketing experience in international Pharmaceutical and IT companies
- $MM B2B deals worldwide: FMCG, Biotech, Telehealth, Pharma.
Yuri Anyshkin
- Director of QA Academy
- 15 years of mentoring for top management
- 1000+ mentored managers
- preferred mentor for more than 70 companies
What do folks say about us?
Only harsh truth, candid feedback and honest thoughts
How to join the Club
In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure
English: upper intermediate
The minimum level of English requred to access ProfIT courses is upper Intrmediate
Basic Sales experience
At least basic sales experience is required
Desire to learn more
If you can hardly stand when you are wrong, you have weak growth potential ©
Willing to invest in your future
You need to have your skin in the game
You will need to have your skin in the game
"How much you truly "believe" in something can be manifested only through what you are willing to risk for it.".
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